Garden Designer 3D 7.0

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  • Licencia: Freeware
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Design and visualize your new garden in 3D.

As its name suggests, Garden Design 3D is a complete tool to design and structure the layout of your garden or orchard. It's a utility with which you can view the changes to your garden, how you would replant and develop new species or simply a cosmetic change to it.

Garden Design 3D is very powerful and easy to use, all of it built on an intuitive graphical interface. It has an extensive library of 3D objects, creating endless possibilities of landscape structures and design, and a wide range of typical gardens, ornaments, plants, trees and furniture.

Once you've created the design, you can also obtain a simulation of the growth of trees and plants to see their evolution, including a maintenance schedule and basic care of each of them. And if you have any questions about caring for a specific plant, in the same utility you'll find a botanical encyclopedia to advise you about the most recommended care and conditions for each plant.


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